Gunter Schachermayr, the ridiculous record reached with Vespa: video

Austrian stuntman Guenther Schachermeier set a new world record with Vespa, reaching the top of the mountain. Video

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An authentic record company created by Gunther SchächermeyerWho climbed to the top of Mount Ali A vespa “using train car On duty in the ski resorts of Feuerkogel, in Austria.

This is not the first time this has been done Acrobat or clown Austrian achieves a similar feat, since in the past he has created many records, always accompanied by a loyalist scooter Italian. Not surprisingly, his goal was to be able to obtain as many records as one person had set. At the moment, with this last company, we are at 34 and the number is expected to rise …

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Gunther Schächermeyer company video with Vespa

especially, SchächermeyerWith the support of his assistants, he secured his Vespa on the Feuerkogel cable car via cables tied together tightly. After that, the journey from the valley to the summit Mountain, at 2,917 meters above sea level, always sitting on the saddle of his motorbike.

Pictures I showed Video from channel Youtube of the same Acrobat or clown They are terrifying.

In short, it’s not an experience for everyone, since in addition to not having to suffer from vertigo, this undertaking also requires a certain level of coolness. Feature, this, that al 43enne Austrian Certainly not lacking, considering that he experienced the entire duration of the flight, about 6 minutes, with wonderful calmness and always with a smile.

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However, as Schachermeyer recounted after setting the record, organizing everything was not at all easy. In fact, there were countless bureaucratic difficulties to overcome to ensure that everything went according to plan. So the celebrations at the end of the work are justified.

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