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During an interview with The Verge, Ron Gilbert and Dave Grossman revealed several details about the highly anticipated Back to Monkey Islandand touched on topics such as Point and click gameplay and art used. One interesting detail is that Gilbert may have inadvertently confirmed a file Console versions from the game.

In the interview, the duo explained that the goal the developers set with Return to Monkey Island is to provide a real purpose Point and click experience Faithful to those in the original chapters, but at the same time some elements are reworked to make it effective in gameplay and narrative.

In depth this is still a point and click adventure. It is not a shooting game or a car racing game. Then it comes down to making sense or deconstructing the point and clicking on the genre and saying, “What does this really mean? What’s really funny about this genre.” It is necessary to emphasize this aspect and not merely to compile a series of elements of nostalgiaGilbert says.

Basically, any element of the game needs to support the gameplay or the story and hopefully both. We have tried to identify, rethink and redesign everything that does not reflect this philosophyGrossman added.

Gilbert later explains that the team has been thinking long and hard about how to make Return of Monkey Island fun to play even with a console console, suggesting there is Versions for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. To tell the truth, at the moment, the reference platforms for Return to Monkey Island have not been officially announced, even if it is practically assumed that it will be released on PC. So the words of the father of the series can simply anticipate an official announcement that will arrive in the near future.

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Many games are played on consoles. One of the things we really wanted to do was see how these guys were going to play a point and click adventure with a controller. Because it is different. There is a different mentality. There is a different way of how the brain deals with gameplayGilbert explains.We spent a lot of time really thinking about how the game could be really fun to play with a controller instead of just a mouse. Being able to do this but without being distracting or detracting from what gaming is with a mouse. We really tried to balance these two game modes very equally for people.

Back to Monkey Island, one of the first official photos

Gilbert further explains that the artistic direction that appears in the trailer will be representative of the final match, which then It won’t be made in pixel art.

Gilbert said that the art direction of the trailer is exactly what the art would be in the real game. “So it’s not pixel art, and this was a discussion between me and Dave at first. In the end, we thought we had more freedom and flexibility by not making it a pixel art game. I think people will be very happy with the artistic direction once they see the game in action.”

We remind you that the Return to Monkey Island program will be launched By the end of 2022. In the past few hours, the first official images of the game have been published and new details about the plot and characters have been revealed.

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