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Guide to the National Park in the USA

Founded on May 1, 1872 and declared UNESCO Heritage In 1978, Yellowstone It is the first nature reserve in the United States and traverses the north of the country, developing 96% in Wyoming and will include Montana and theIdaho In much smaller portions. Throughout the borders of the region flows a mountain range rocky mountains Shared with Canada and the maximum altitude that can be reached within the protected area is 3462 meters above sea level eagle top: For the rest the park remains at an average elevation of 2,400m reaching 1,600a Race Creek.

During the summer – the months when a large part of tourism is concentrated – the climate is around 20-25°C and is mostly dry. However, it is rarely exceeded in winter zero Visitors are almost absent. So, the best time to plan a visit begins late spring to meearly autumnIn these seasons, in fact, the three main attractions in the area give their best. Let’s find out in the following lines.


Inside Yellowstone there is almost Ten thousand active heaters This makes the area one of the most affected by volcanic eruptions in the world: the scene offered to the visitor is therefore impressive and unforgettable. Not only that: Contrary to what happens Elsewhere on this planetMany geysers hosted by the garden break out regularly Which makes it really far from the possibility to visit without seeing this phenomenon.

Among the most famous and not to be missed we mention Norris Geyser Basin: It is located in the northwest with its 237 degrees of water and is the most fiery of the park and is divided into two basins. Next to it we find Bottom heater basin: In the far south, it consists of no less than a hundred holes and pots paint fountain, Thermal water springs and mud. L ‘Old Believers Discovered in 1870 it is one of the most famous geysers in all of the United States, along with Geysir Castle and on Mammoth Hot Springs: springs where water flows from a rock known as Minerva Terrace. The coloring artists Provide colorful water and mud scenery, while Great Prismatic Spring It is the third largest thermal spring in the world. Finally, the Mud Volcano District hosts Dragon’s Mouth SpringCave from which steam and water from underground gases come out.


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Lake Yellowstone

located in southeastto me 2357 meters On the rise it is possible to meet him Lake Yellowstone: a needle Huge in size stretches its coasts 226 km. Therefore, the feeling is to be in front of a real sea at high altitude, with the peculiarity that the water freezes between December and January and then melts again as soon as it warms up with the first spring rays. Moreover, to make them even more unique, they are certainly unusual animals: very cold waters, in fact, inhabit them trouta species that usually lives in itThe Pacific Ocean And that no one has yet been able to explain how it ended up here. The best points from which to observe the lake are fishing bridgewooden bridge from 1937and the West thumbthe western branch where fishing cone Which – as the name implies – is a cone of rock wrapped in water.


Grand Canyon

It is 32 kilometers long, 1200 meters wide, and 365 meters deep Grand Canyon Yellowstone It is one of the most beautiful craters in the United States caused by gradual erosion over thousands of years Yellowstone River. Here you can enjoy three unique waterfalls in the world: upper waterfalls 33 meters lower waterfalls by nearly a hundred (higher than Niagara Falls) and Crystal Falls It is located halfway between the first two. With short trips, it is recommended to reach Mount Washburn Enjoy a great view of all the valley And on all three jumps of the rotating river. Moreover, near the panoramic point there is Canyon Village: Refreshment area with gas stations and guides ready to tell all the secrets of this place.

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How to get to Yellowstone

Yellowstone is equipped with five entrances Through it indulge in its natural wonders: one west of the town of West Yellowstone and beneficial to the geyser area; One south of Jackson. one to the east accessible from Cody; one in the northeast a few miles from Cook City; One north of Gardiner Township, Montana. The Ticket cost For the 7-day visit, it costs $35 for private cars and $30 for motorbikes; On the other hand, the annual pass costs $70. However, while organizing the itinerary, it is useful to refer carefully to official site subordinate Yellowstone National Park: In fact, some portals are not open all year round and the portal is constantly updated with helpful notices and unusual closing days.

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