Guests, dates, program of the 30th edition of the festival

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Romex guest 2023, the dates and program of this 30th edition of the International Festival of Comics, Animation, Cinema and Games that is preparing for its audience in Fiera Roma.
In the five dedicated pavilions, more than 350 exhibits will welcome visitors over 70,000 square meters of exhibition space.
The initiative, now more than ever, gives space to the imagination of children and adults, and has the ability to unite generations, combining entertainment and special content.
Moreover, it provides visitors with different paths for participation and direct interaction with amateurs and professionals, without neglecting lines of study based on interest and personal taste.

Romans 203 guests

The following will be awarded with Romics d’Oro during the 30th edition of this festival:
Marcus Martin (, Catalan comic book artist and cover artist)John Howe (illustrator, concept artist and art director for film and publishing), Katia Sentomo (Transmedia narrator working in comics, cartoons, and children’s novels) H Manuel Fiore (An artist who also works on the international scene, she is one of the most famous designers in Italy and abroad.)
There will be a great return of the journalist to the Romans Vincenzo Mollica to celebrate together the 40th anniversary of the comics TV series and explore themes about the great comics masters.
Also, to welcome all festival visitors will be there An exhibition of works by the painter Paolo Barbieri dedicated to fairy tales and myths.

For a Boarding Crew event: Giorgio Fanni is a special guest for the 30th edition from the festival. On the first Saturday of April, the Romics stage will provide space for the notes of the most famous cartoons, together with the artist Giorgio Fani, the protagonist of the songs of the cartoon that accompanied the childhood and adolescence of all cartoon fans from the nineties onwards.

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Romex 2023 dates: when will it be there

The initiative will take place from 30 March to 2 April 2023 in Fiera Roma.
Romics celebrates its 30th edition with great events and special celebrations” – Sabrina Berocca explained, Artistic Director of Romix – “A packed program celebrating the great international comics and extraordinary worlds of creativity, from cinema to games to music.”

Romics 2023: Dates

Romics 2023 is an important guest for a program full of initiatives. Several initiatives will be available for this 30th edition of Romics: In addition to the exhibitions organized to present the works of the winners of this year’s Romics d’oro, other interesting exhibitions will be opened to visitors, able to lead the audience in a unique show. A journey through many different sensibilities and artistic styles.

In particular, devoted to the reinterpretation of myths, of capitalist figures of the common imagination and From Fairy Tales, is the Itinerary “Between Fairy Tales and Myths: The Art of Imagination by Paolo Barbieri“: In particular, a series of paintings by Barbieri are on display, such as Alice in Wonderland, Night Fairies, Star Dragons (Lo Scarabeo), Favole degli Dei, Fiabe Immortali (Sergio Bonelli Editor). A commission will also be available. On April 2 with the author and Alessandro Falchiatore (AnimeClick.it).

There will also be many important previews, such as the official trailer for the story Paperugantino, with events related to comics (Un Papero a Trastevere).

Saturday 1st April the event returns to Romex Dubbing of the Grand Galathe party that aims to reward the most important dubbers of Italian cinema in the national and international cinema.

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There will also be room for the sport to launch new episodes of the Super Spike Ball. On this occasion, the world champion in volleyball Andrea Lucky Lukita He tells how he turned into a cartoon character in the encounter When sports become “live”.

There will also be a cinema space on stage in Pavilion 5. In the Movie Village there will be previews, castings and meetings about the most important films to be released during the year.
Warner Bros. celebrates. Discovery marks the 100th anniversary of Warner Bros. To Romics in promoting the global campaign “Celebrate Every Story” in Italy.
The various initiatives will be dedicated to masterpieces of cinema and television series that have made the history of world cinematic fantasy.
The thematic space is really very wide. The film begins with early Hollywood classics and touches on New Fantasy and DC Super Heroes titles.
There will be no shortage of great films from the 80s from the contemporary world of horror, sci-fi and adventure, with the participation of the new Warner TV channel (37 digital terrestrial channels).

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