Guerrilla is considering a PS5 and PS4 exclusive sequel –

Guerrilla games are already thinking about the possibility following from Forbidden horizon westapparently, according to reports from Creative Director Matijs de Jong In an interview published by VG247, also considering how history can expect a continuation.

First of all, we caution that De Jonge’s words, while very vague, can contain spoilers, so in case avoid reading, even if they are not specific elements of the story.

“This game ends with another great game cliffhangerwith which we begin to prepare some things that can be told in the next game,” said the creative director, clearly referring to the third part of the series.

“Horizon is very much about mystery, each of us stories It is based on the discovery of puzzles between the ancient and modern worlds, where the game takes place,” explained the director, “There are many surrounding stories that we can exploit and develop into new stories, creating new puzzles starting from those that already exist.”

On the other hand, the idea that Horizon could be one Triple It’s already been clear before, so De Jonge’s words aren’t entirely surprising, but it’s probably one of the first times the developer has clearly indicated a third chapter in the works.

Just today we saw a new trailer for the game on PS4 Pro for Horizon Forbidden West, which meanwhile continues its evolution with the latest release of patch 1.11.

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