Guenda Goria, alert for her health

The beautiful Guenda Goria is going through a dark period. Symptoms are awful and suffering destroys them.

Guenda Goria suffers from endometriosis
Guenda Goria (Image via Instagram)

She is a girl who always smiles and she is also beautiful. there the eldest daughter De Casa Gurria is a versatile and complete artist. Tall blonde with piercing green eyes and a sunny texture. She looks like a model instead she is a pianist who graduated from the conservatory and is a singer and has an influence on the web.

A while ago he formed a trio Music Accompanied by a famous friend and mother. Jenda is the daughter of Amedeo Gurria, journalist and sports presenter Maria Teresa Rota. Strange relationship between famous parents.

They love each other, hate each other, leave each other and get back together. In addition to the adorable Guenda, there is also another son, Gian Amedeo, who hides himself well from the cameras. the young lady came GF VIP with my mother.

Guenda Goria suffers from disease, and treatment is necessary to rehabilitate the body

Gwenda Gurria has endometriosis
Guenda Goria (Image via Instagram)

expertise Intense, highlighting the happy but also difficult relationship between the two women. The following year it was the role of Amedeo that made a good impression. After some time, there is still a pleasant memory of this experience in which each member participated.

Guenda Unfortunately, things have not been so good lately. She suffers from a disease typical of women, endometriosis. A pathology that affects the ovarian system and leads to severe pain. Unspeakable suffering stuck to her every month.

Unfortunately, Guenda had to face so ugly Experience of ectopic abortion. E’ stable with her boyfriend met after arcs reality show. The young musician is undergoing treatment to rehabilitate her body.

Her dream is to start a family with her partner. Pope Amedeo is always there to support her. Guenda is the light of his eyes and it hurts so much to see her at this juncture.

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S hopes it’s a dream girl become reality. Publicly, the husband of Maria Teresa Rota has announced that he really wants to become a grandfather, even from his son Gian Amedeo, it is time for us to think a little. He is ready and will be the best.

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