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Gualtiero Serafini on Prime Video in UK and USA at Fuorinorma2022

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agoniaThe film is directed by the director Gualtiero Serafini, co-produced
“Studio Del Vecchio & North2North Ltd”, Selected for the fifth edition of
FuoriNorma Festival 2022 by Adriano Aprà in the historian
space scene
from Rome.

Available on the Amazon Prime Video platform in Great Britain and the USA, the work, adapted to meet the technical needs of online distribution, offers an experiential and also fascinating connection, certainly gritty in the dynamics chosen by the director who implemented the theatrical language, played excellently by the protagonist,
Margherita Lamista Crepelle And also by the co-star
Anwar Callenderwhich fuses perfectly with the pathos of psychological thriller and poetic narration, and winks, in some passages, into moments of high drama.

The voice of the narrator was entrusted to the imagination Eduardo Seravo Which perfectly combined moments of interpretation, gestures and a silence full of meaning.

Filming directed by the director Federico MancusoFilmed almost entirely in black and white and captured with little difficulty in a cramped environment, perfectly faithful to cinematic replay.

The story is essentially lived inside a room without doors and windows, with a single lamp in the corner, a bench and a rotating tray as well as a hole which in fiction represents the only contact with the outside world in which the eye appears representing the only interlocutor.

Music created and made by the film’s producers (Lino del Vecchio the electric guitar ed
Aldo Azzaro keyboards and special effects) with exceptional participation by a flautist
Andrea Siscomori and by Krebel herself (who sang the song from the soundtrack
In the depths of my soul, in the depths of my mind), they recounted each moment perfectly as they interpret not just the images but above all the voids and silences, amplifying the absolute value of detail.

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Gualtiero Serafini tapped into a team that saw his brother’s participation
Germano Serafini As director of photography, Aldo Azzaro who developed the proper design of the work,
Marco Castagna executive producer, Sandra Rossi Production Manager ,
Antonella Maggio Assistant Director Ed Augusto Ceccarelli General.

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