GTA + subscription receives criticism from players even before release –

Rockstar Games just announced GTA +, a subscription service for GTA Online, which offers various rewards for a monthly fee. Players, however, even before the service is published, they Criticize Developers suggestion.

Through social media, you can read various GTA + swipe. Some users claim that it’s just a way to offset the decline in Shark Cash card sales (although we don’t think this claim is based on actual data, much more on guesswork).


Other GTA Online players claim that A monthly deposit of $500,000 in GTA It is quite low for the six dollars required by GTA+ and they add that the rest of the rewards can be obtained easily by just playing it. Moreover, it was clarified that the presence of the Career Builder function, which allows new players to quickly develop their character in order to avoid spending several hours collecting funds for basic equipment, makes GTA + extremely unhelpful.

Some fans also claim that you have to pay for Subscriptions from PlayStation and Xbox to play GTA Online, so a GTA + subscription becomes an added bonus. Moreover, the lack of dedicated servers is criticized.

In general, some users did not like this suggestion, but this is not new. Services of this type often receive criticism from a segment of society. Even the basic game has certainly been criticized by many, but at the same time it is one of the best-selling games of all time, including the new releases PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

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