GTA Online has been more successful than Rockstar – expected

GTA Online Not only is it one of Rockstar’s biggest successes, but one of the biggest in video game history. Breaking both GTA V and its online component i Sales records and he An unexpected result for the teamAs revealed by GTA Online’s design director.

“When we got going, I don’t think we could have imagined that we would last 10 years,” Rockstar North’s director of design told GamesRadar. Scott Bouchard. “We never expected the success of GTA Online.”

GTA Online was Rockstar Games experience, which until then had only been intended for single-player games. Bouchard says that when the team started working on the online game, which was originally sold alongside GTA V, the developers were still “rehearsing it” with this type of product.

Rockstar’s goal is, says Bouchard Keep posting free updates For gamers, making GTA Online accessible to everyone, whether they are playing alone or with a group of players. He added, “It’s very important to us that players find new ways to connect with each other, whether through the events we create or by giving them the tools to have fun in their own way.”

Remember, GTA 5 and GTA Online have surpassed 170 million copies sold.

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