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It seems that rock games preparing next ad And of course one immediately thinks GTA 6Even if rumors swirl around a new project, this could also be something else, according to an insider considered credible on team matters.

to report something Chris Klippel, an experienced video game journalist for Rockstar Games considering that he also runs a newspaper specializing in the subject. Klippel wrote on Twitter: “Obviously an announcement is being made. I don’t know yet when or what it will be, but it has to be there new projectFurthermore, he added, it “can happen relatively quickly.”

So there may soon be an important announcement from Rockstar Games: it is clear that doubts and hopes rest first and foremost on GTA 6, considering that the official information about the game has been expected for years, since the team only recently confirmed what is in development .

However, the reference to a new project It might also refer to something else, perhaps a completely new and unreleased intellectual property title from Rockstar Games. Obviously, everything should only be taken as a rumor out of control, pending any developments.

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