GTA 3 was rejected by Microsoft on Xbox, in a critical evaluation error –

Interesting wallpaper also appears GTA 3 From his Power On Documentary Microsoft Online these days, whose project seems to have come The company rejected it on the first Xbox It was one of the biggest evaluation errors in the history of the video game department.

The documentary in question traces the history of the Xbox, and also highlights many of them Failures and errors Microsoft implemented it, like the Lionhead shutdown which Phil Spencer now sees as a huge mistake, particularly in the third episode of the mini-series. In this, some preparatory moments are examined for the launch of the first Xbox, with groups brainstorming between America, Europe and Japan also to build a lineup for the new device.

During this point, says Kevin Bachus, who was then the head of third-party relations at Xbox, Microsoft held a meeting with a “small video game publisher” who was planning to revisit one of its games to bring it into a 3D context. It was about Rockstar Games with a project Grand Theft Auto IIIWhich apparently didn’t convince Xbox officials at the time.

“I don’t think the game is capable of moving into 3D,” said Microsoft technology leaders, who even teased Patchos himself. “They didn’t understand the interface and thought it all depended on a game not very successful To my surprise, they refused the proposal.

Then we know full well how it went, with GTA 3 ending up on PlayStation 2 with a long-running exclusive and accessed 14.5 million copies Sold out: “It was the best-selling game of 2001,” recalls Patchos, “and it would have been in 2002 if it hadn’t been surpassed by its followers.”

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