Growing strawberries in pots: 7 things to watch out for for a bountiful harvest (this summer already)

Do you love strawberries and plan to start growing them in pots? Here are some of the most effective tips for growing and caring for strawberry plants and getting a good harvest

agriculture Strawberry It might look complicated in a bowl, but if you pay attention to a few small precautions, you’ll be able to enjoy the delicious fruits of Zero Kilometer.

Potted plants often produce less fruit than plants planted in raised beds or directly in the ground, however, by following this little guide, you will be able to get bountiful harvests even by growing strawberries in pots.

Here are 7 things to look for when growing strawberry plants in pots and on a windowsill.

correct container

Choosing the right container is the first and most important step Grow strawberries in pots. Remember that the roots of these plants grow shallow and love moist, even, well-drained soil, so a good pot will help maintain the correct soil moisture and a constant temperature.

Choose a variety of strawberry flavors depending on the climate

Choose a strawberry variety that best suits your city’s climate. There are different varieties, some of which produce fruit throughout the season and are less sensitive to temperature changes, and therefore more suitable for growing in pots.

The advice is to prefer residual varieties, such as Annabelle’s strawberries, Charlotte’s or Anais’s, because they are not only adapted to growing in pots, but are also very sweet and fruitful, bearing fruit from June until frost.

Avoid crowding the seedlings in the pot

Avoid planting strawberry seedlings too close together, as overcrowding can reduce fruit development. For this reason, it is best to use one pot per plant.

Inside a medium sized pot, you can place about 4 plants per square centimeter. the reason? The roots grow close to the surface, so each plant should have enough room to grow.


Stolons are those long twigs that stick out from the base of the plants. What do you want to know about Stolons? They must be discarded from plants growing in pots because they have no place to root, they take their nourishment directly from the mother plant. Once you get rid of them, you can use them to reproduce the plants for to cut.

Watering: Be careful of the amount of water you water

The principle is that you water the strawberry plants just enough to saturate the soil. Between watering, make sure the soil is completely dry.

Remember that the soil should always be very moist below the surface, so we recommend watering your plants every 3-4 days.

The right fertilizer at the right time

Don’t forget to fertilize your strawberry plants if you’re growing them in pots! When placing the pot, you must first mix Fertilizer with the ground.

Then, remember to fertilize every 2-4 weeks after flowering begins, until the plants begin to go dormant. Keep applying the fertilizer even after the harvest is over, so you’ll have plenty of fruit again the following year.

Suitable weather protection

Strawberries grown in pots need protection from bad weather, because their soil is more susceptible to sudden changes in temperature. During the winter, in fact, it is good to move the pots around the house or wrap them in special sheets for plants, to reduce the shock caused by sudden changes in temperature.

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