Greta Thunberg, We Have Been Grace Theologians: The Honorary Degree

Green philosophy for many has now become a kind of religion especially in the countries of northern Europe, but also for many exponents of the elegant eco-galaxy of our latitudes. A curious confirmation of this drift of thought comes from Finland, where the University of Helsinki has bestowed an honorary degree in theology on Greta Thunberg, Sweden’s Fridays for the Future, champion of the green world.

Thunberg will receive the recognition — an honorary Doctor of Divinity — on June 9, as La Stampa explains, relaying the words of Bergoglio’s “servant,” Tomas Heckela: “The Faculty of Theology examines humanity’s central questions. Greatest hopes and fears. Today’s major threats, such as climate change and nature loss And wars, they are man-made problems.”

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“By choosing Greta as an honorary academic, we express our desire to be as brave and influential as she is,” says theologian Marti Nisinen, professor of Old Testament studies at the College of Theology, in some statements reported by local media. The unusual decision raised some eyebrows in the Scandinavian country, with conservative newspapers attacking: “The only great merit of Greta is that she regularly quits school.” In short, Greta now also enjoys the blessing of Finnish theologians for her value.

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