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Grela: “Catania, on the future tour in Australia. I don’t rule out cooperation with Australian clubs, but the priority is for youngsters from Catania”

Interview by Italy goalVincenzo Grella, Vice President and CEO of Catania, released some statements also referring to the rossazzurre events and Project Etna. This is what was highlighted:

“I live this adventure intensely. The work is very demanding and motivates me a lot from a professional point of view. There are great expectations in Catania because after many years of great difficulties in which contact with people has been somewhat lost, we are slowly gaining confidence not only through results but also from Through earnest behaviour. Every Sunday we find great enthusiasm and desire to be part of this revival. I am happy but my head is already heading towards tomorrow. Every day I wake up and I know I have a great responsibility on the part of the Pelligra family who invest a lot of money and I want it back Catania as a city to the level it deserves.

“With young people, we need more courage in Italy, less anxiety and less stress, but more healthy planning. In my small office in ‘Massimino’ there is a lot of work to do. The project will be developed in collaboration with Australia? I don’t rule out a kind From cooperation, even if it comes to the youth sector, my big goal is to boycott Catania. We want to prevent this regular departure of Sicilian boys to the north to play football. There are some very interesting young players in Australia, but as a first step I focus on having homegrown players in First team “.

“Ferraro is doing an excellent job but we’re very demanding, he knows his assertiveness comes with every training session, nothing is taken for granted at this club. Catania Tour in Australia? Maybe not in 2023 but later, I’d like to build up a strong team because I don’t like to lose.” Never. Our boss presses me every day because he’d like to take the team to Australia right away for a tour of the city, but I block him a bit because I want to set the thing up a little better. It takes time, as with everything.”

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