Greenpeace vs Volkswagen, Hundreds of ‘Stolen’ Car Keys – Last Hour

(ANSA) – Berlin, May 26 – The environmental organization “Greenpeace” in Germany has organized a protest against “Volkswagen”, stealing the keys of several hundred new vehicles from a fleet destined for export in the port of Emden.

Die Zeit reports on it. The goal of the environmental organization was to draw attention to a rapid exit from the combustion engine. A yellow banner with the Volkswagen logo has spilled onto several cars, according to the German news agency.

According to Greenpeace, 20 activists allegedly stole about 1,000 pairs of car keys, while 15 police activists were the ones who climbed the fence and stole 3-400 pairs of keys. However, the vehicles could not be moved properly.

The port of Emden is the main screening port used by Volkswagen. Police are investigating theft and trespassing. Greenpeace spokesman Benjamin Stefan said, “This port is a theater of Volkswagen hypocrisy. By its policy, it is critically determining the CO2 emissions in transportation as it is the second largest car manufacturer in the world.” (handle).

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