GreenPass, how do controls work in other countries

From France to the United Kingdom, and from Israel to China, a short trip around the world to understand how you are organized with certificates to access bars, restaurants and other activities

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The question of when and on what occasions to make green lane and how to make sure The Standard compliance At the center of public and political debate in July. It goes without saying that in addition to establishing and calibrating the rules in a scientifically reasonable manner, it is also necessary to verify that Do not remain ink on paper, but is enforced through a system control and maybe from Penalties Dedicated. Also, because the absence of controls will mean that the rule will not be fully implemented in a short time.

The problem seems to have been completely solved for long-distance transportation, such as planes and ferries, Where, along with the boarding pass, the staff can easily perform the checks. and in Work and school contexts The fact that the attendees are the same every day makes the topic of control much easier.

The real knot to be resolved seems, at least according to similar controversy developments in many European countries and beyond, to be on the one hand Celebrations and small occasions Where there is no security and monitoring personnel, on the other hand extend the green certificate to Daily activities Where there is usually a huge influx of people. For example Restaurants CinemaAnd the ribbon but also GovernorateOr buses, gyms, or Shopping centers.

As for the celebrations, the commitment to the green lane will be theoretical سيكون Already active In Italy, even if it appears from the news that there are a lot of controls bland a There is no. With As the weeks go by, the interest gradually wanes and the fear is that the lack of people in charge of controlling the green lanes will lead to everything being free.

France and political mediation

For Europe, the country that has paid the most for extending the use of the green corridor is France. President Emmanuel Macron was the first to announceimpose To show the certificate not only on trains and buses, but also for theaters, supermarkets, supermarkets, bars, clubs and restaurants. However, it seems that the line the boss tried to impose already exists in the annealing process: Indeed, both trade unions (especially bars and restaurants) and opposition forces are pressing for mediation, showing that they want to exercise Macron’s toughness to lure voters dissatisfied with the new measures.

Restaurants and bartenders, in particular, complained that they did not have the authority to improvise as gendarmes, conduct checks, demand identification documents and fire customers without a green pass. Also adding that, especially for big places with fast hustle of people, It will be very difficult And very demanding, and therefore expensive. In supermarkets and restaurants, then, there seems to be Regulatory complicationsBecause the new rules will represent one according to the government’s legal advisors Restricting access to food So it will be disproportionate to the interest they guarantee. Finally, as if that weren’t enough, trade associations also accused the measure as a coup of honor. economic sustainability of catering activities.

The case is not over yet, but some second thoughts have already been formalized. For activities that do not comply with the new rules The fine has been cut off From 45 thousand euros to 7,500 and a decline forward compared to the first of August Submission date Penalties. The green traffic requirement for malls was also lifted earlier this week. In the Cinemas, museums and events The rule is correct Only if you exceed 50 people Present. Finally, more time was given to catering workers to get vaccinated. Obviously, these second thoughts were given two different political meanings: Macron claims to have achieved a peak of 3.7 million. Vaccination reservations Thanks to the chilling measures, while the opposition accuses the president of declaring rules that are clearly illegal, unenforceable and ineffective.

The UK is letting summer pass

Although the delta variable spread, in United kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has temporarily suspended all internal restrictions, despite already announcing new rules for end of september. As announced, vaccination certificate will be required from end of summer (so tampon or transmitted disease will not be valid) for arrival Local people and others crowded places. In this case, it is not at all clear how the controls might be carried out, even if the more involved idea is that the maneuver above all has a purpose. Encouraging young people to get vaccinated, is more than just creating a capillary control system for access to social networking and entertainment venues.

Positive feedback from Israel

Outside of Europe, the country that adopted first and foremost was an analogue of the Green Corridor (thanks to the speed of the vaccination campaign, too) Israel. In fact, a digital certificate – which can be obtained a week after taking the second dose – can also be used in activities such as restaurants and bars. In this case, the problem was not with the controls, but Instrument function. In fact, many deficiencies have been reported not only in obtaining a permit, but also in daily use due toApplication instability To be used at the time of inspection. The solution, waiting for bug fixes, was for many print qr code Dale Green Passage.

In Israel, the activity of control has become the responsibility of Single room staff, but there were no complaints from managers or customers. On the contrary: In addition to willingly accepting the procedure (as happened with the masks), the examinations were carried out very quickly on the spot. The Data from the first weeks They talked about the average time per customer less than a minute Then there was another acceleration as everyone got used to the scale. In short, the message we take home is that just as we did gained confidence With the mask on when we’re not sitting and using the digital menus, maybe even for the green lane, it’s just about يتعلق Habit, unsupervised sabotages the experience of eating out or eating out.

To China and back to Italy

There is, too China It faces an internal path similar to that of Italian and European, with the possibility of presenting Green Corridor Commitment For a variety of activities. However, the situation is still evolving, like what happened in France protests e Uprisings Before the proposal to introduce very restrictive rules.

However, the individual activity initiatives who claim the Green Award to allow customers access, regardless of applicable national rules. There have been cases in Italy ranging from Sicily to Lombardy.

To complicate the case of the controls then there are many other issues, including at least one from a computer and another from a scientific one. Technically and digitally, there is a whole world عالم fake certificates, forgery and manipulation of symbols, to the extent that the activity of control To check that fake or copied green lanes do not spread en masse. The scientific question relates instead to the meaning and value of the green lane: as has been repeated some time ago, having the green certificate does not mean being 100% protected from Covid-19So it would be foolish to replace the document completely for free and forget about the necessary attention, which we will certainly have to carry with us for the coming months.

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