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Rome, August 4, 2021 – from August 6 the green lane It will be more and more important in our daily life. To sit at a table in a bar, go to a fair or a sporting event, it will be duty In fact, show the green certificate proving vaccination against Covid, recovery from the virus or the negative result of a swab taken in the previous 48. and yesIt is now the order of the day to find out How to download he passes o When needed at the hotel, is still not entirely clear exemptions From the commitment, which topics and how it will work.

on base decree of law On July 23 last (here PDF file)And A green certificate is not required children, excluded by age from the vaccination campaign, And for those who are exempt on the basis of Appropriate medical certificate. But then, for minors or rare patients, just to do for example, what should they show observers to sit in an indoor restaurant? Or go to a museum or amusement park? Let’s see all the details.

On the Internet, at the doctor or in the pharmacy: how to get a green card

covid infection notice 4 august

Are children exempt from the green pass to enter, for example, bars, restaurants, museums and amusement parks? The question is answered by the government on the site. “Yes – is reading – , Children under 12 are exempt From a Covid-19 Green Certification to accessing activities and services for which a ‘Green Corridor’ is instead necessary in our country, such as eating while sitting in A table in an interior room in a restaurantvisit Museum or a Amusement park“.

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Not only. “Certificate is not required – it is emphasized – and furthermore, so that children and teens can access it Educational centers for children and there summer centers Including related catering activities.

But a separate chapter on do you travel. However – he writes to the government – he states that he is currently in a state of travel From abroad to ItalyAnd Children over 6 years old need a molecular or rapid antigen smear. For trips outside Italy, the borders are set by individual countries and may vary according to the epidemiological situation.”

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In addition to minors, it has been specified that some people may also be exempted from the green pass, that is, from approved vaccination, virus recovery or negative smear. For example, those with diseases who cannot get the vaccine or those who have had a health problem between the first and second dose. But, in any case, in order to fall into this category, it is necessary to provide a fileAppropriate medical certificate.

How to identify fake green passes / Application of controls and penalties

As we have seen, minors who are excluded by age from the vaccination campaign and those who are exempt on the basis of the appropriate medical certificate are not subject to the green passport obligation at this time. For these people, as determined by the government, one’s creation will continue Custom digital certificate. Details have not yet been determined, while it has been confirmed that until they are available, the documents issued can be used in paper format. But even in this case Missing Until now Indications It determines who the physicians are charged with the task of issuing this certificate.

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