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Real newspaper, August 26, 2021 edition – FEDERAZIONE RINASCIMENTO ITALIA NEWS

No Green Pass, Uno Editori abandons the Turin International Book Fair: “A great economic loss but all this contradicts our vision of freedom and life” – In a video, analyst Francesco Carino explains what could be the world that awaits us with green passage as a tool to achieve total control On the basis of digitization – In a video on Tik Tok The story of a pregnant woman not seated by a bar owner without a green permit – Japan suspends 1, 63 million doses of Moderna vaccine : Foreign bodies are reported inside the doses – Sixty-six years of Cremona County are subject To be investigated for incitement to disobey laws and public order. The subject of the investigation is some comments within the Facebook group – the latest suggestion from the head of the Medical Association of the Rings: “Unvaccinated people entering the national health system should be persuaded to give an injection” – family doctors: “We try but it is very difficult to convince those who do not want to be vaccinated” – Flop of the Vax Day in Alto Adige organized in schools: only 135 attended. Also failed an online petition advocating the introduction of compulsory vaccination – reward my baby Bassetti who repeats: ‘Don’t wipe the vaccine with a double dose’ – UK, trauma experts report. People with Covid: 89% vaccinated – reports in the sports world continue of cases of pericarditis – Dr Andrea Stramese, at the forefront of the Covid Home Care Foundation, told Radio Radio about an international application project to ensure vascular assistance

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