Green Pass, Conad CEO suggests unpaid leave for those who aren’t vaccinated. The “No Fax” boycott begins on Twitter

Since material aid doesn’t seem to be doing very well, the No Green Pass front has decided to stay home: social media. In the last episode of the broadcast Fourth RepublicConad CEO Francesco Pugliese stressed the importance of green lane To work in contact with the public. Pugliese also suggested a strict measure for employees who do not have vaccines: “If you don’t want to be vaccinated – he added – I think the correct way is to go on unpaid leave. I don’t understand why, I am vaccinated, would take the risk of going to the supermarket with an employee who might He is not vaccinated.”

The Conad CEO’s words did not go unnoticed. The protest immediately arrived on Twitter as many users began commenting on his remarks using the hashtag #BoicottaCONAD. Vaccinating employees, firing employees? No more shopping at Conad.” Someone used this campaign to remember old grudges: “I never said it, but it’s true and I take this opportunity to say it today, at #Conad, they once sold me meat full of strange threads of cloth. But first of all, the director wants to force the employees to inject.” Or: ‘Boycott Konad I don’t write it, for I work in Konad, and I’m not in the habit of spitting on my plate. But I can tell you that I boycotted all branded products, because they have higher margins.”

Green Corridor and Commitment to Employees

Meanwhile, the September 9 A decree-law must reach the Cabinet table to decide to extend the green passport to all public administration and private sector employees. Choosing view in recent days the role of the Association in the majority at risk. Matteo Salvini Today he reassured his allies in the government, but made it clear that an extension of the Green Corridor could happen Not well accepted From Parliament Caruccio: “Our confidence in the government and the government has not been questioned my bikerBut without exaggerating the fines and prohibitions.”

Cover photo: ANSA / Giorgio Benvenotti | Francesco Pugliese. CEO of Conad Italia

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