Green light for the VeRa algorithm, so tax authorities can find more tax evaders: how it works

He got the green light from the Minister of Economy Daniel Franco With a new generation tool privacy guarantor in the handsrevenue agency To find the “crafty” of the tax authorities. As mentioned printingAnd the vera (Checking financial reports), this is the namealgorithm, will look for anomalies between income, checking accounts, taxpayer homes, e-money moves and digital purchases, right up to the point of controlling the number of accesses to safe deposit boxes. According to experts, he will score with VeRa A big step forward in the fight against tax evasion. Because the analysis process will not only become faster, but the amount of data being analyzed will increase significantly, without compromising the privacy of citizens.


The system is, in fact, in a first stage It will check the data anonymously. In the second stage there will be a list of taxpayers at risk of evasion, subject to a human assessment, which will make assessments in terms of the evaded euro and no longer the same as in past years, generating errors and criticism. of tax transactions. From here we will then move to incentivizing suspected tax evaders to perform their duties or, if necessary, to real financial control. In any case, the tax evader will be protected from all forms contradictory Required by law. “With this new tool, your tax estimation capabilities will grow a lot – he explains Carlo GarbarinoProfessor of Tax Law at Bocconi University -. So it is reasonable to believe that the areas of evasion will be significantly reduced.”

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