Green Corridor UK and Italy: Let’s see the differences together

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As is known, the 1st of July came into force throughout Europe on EU digital COVID certificate, called green lane. This digital (but also paper) certificate allows citizens to prove that they:

They were vaccinated against COVID-19

⁃ Negative test result

⁃ Heal from disease

Such a document shall exempt those in possession of the restrictions in force at the time.

It’s news this week, for example, that the Italian government has announced that it will be mandatory from August 6 for bars, restaurants (indoors and at the table), gyms, cinemas, theaters, stadiums and concerts.

Even for travel there is a lot of discussion about its use. The European Union has already ensured that:

“In the case of travel, the certificate holder should, in principle, be exempted from restrictions on freedom of movement: that is, Member States will have to refrain from imposing additional travel restrictions on EU COVID digital certificate holders, unless they are necessary and proportionate to protect public health “.

However, the problem arises from the moment you decide to travel to and from a country that is not part of the European Union. In this case, the European community and the country in question must first find an agreement, which, for example, has not yet been done with the United Kingdom, which officially left the European Union recently.

In fact, even in England there is a document similar to the Green Passage called NHS COVID Pass. The functions and purpose are very similar to the European version. But as the Italian Consulate in London recently stated:

“It must be remembered that so far there is no mutual recognition agreement between the EU and UK vaccination certification systems.”

As already stated on our website and in previous publications on the applicable legislation on travel between Italy and the United Kingdom, it has been clarified that so far the United Kingdom does not admit green passport holders into British territory under favorable conditions. Likewise, the so-called ‘covid pass’ on the English-language NHS app or similar paper certificates from the Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish health systems do not guarantee an exemption from health regulations (credit isolation and buffer obligations) for travelers from the UK to Italy. “

So for now we still have to wait. It is hoped that more clarifications and a common solution between the two parties will be revealed between the end of the month and the first days of August. In the meantime, many are wondering how potential inconveniences will be dealt with, especially for the many Italians living in London and the UK who want to go and stay in Italy for their summer vacation.

we will see.


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