Green Bass, CEO of Conad: ‘Unvaccinated employees should go on unpaid leave’

Decree day green lane He arrived at the room, where he could pass without confidence from the government, which is meanwhile preparing to new rule for every expand it From October to state employees and – maybe – too enterprise workers. But on the last point, there are still many distances between the League and the other parties that make up the majority. Prime Minister Mario Draghi Meanwhile, on Monday he met the CGIL Secretary at Palazzo Chigi, Maurizio Landini, While All unions assembled Confindustria. Viale Astronomy is Favor From the green lane in all workplaces, a position shared by many entrepreneurs.

“I strongly agree with the Green Pass,” said GreenPass CEO. KonadAnd Francesco Pugliese, the host on Monday evening of transmission Network 4 Fourth Republic. “I don’t understand why me to feed I should have that attention and then I should have it instead risk To go to supermarket With an employee who may not be vaccinated, Puglis explained. Then the managing director made his suggestion to employees who did not want to be vaccinated: “I think the right way is to go to unpaid leave, so that we can replace them“.

A month after entering green certificateThe government is evaluating the expansion of the measure, also because a new tightening may be announced with next Friday’s report Sardinia NS Calabria, which risks abandoning the white zone due to high rates on household occupancy for Covid. The only way to prevent the entire country from returning to the declaration of the yellow zone October It seems to increase vaccinations Farther from the target – which now seems within reach – from80% of the vaccinated population. The moral persuasion of the executive branch continues in this aspect, in preparation to give additional impetus to the vaccination campaign also in October, so that even more afraid Choose the route of immunization.

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