Greece, general strike and demonstrations of Thebes tragedy – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ATHENS, March 16 – A general strike has begun by public and private sector workers across Greece, while student demonstrations are planned in Athens and major cities across the country to demand truth and justice after the Tepe railway incident, which took place in Last February 28, 57 people were killed. The previous strike, which took place on March 8, gathered about 65,000 people in the country, and today’s mobilization promises to be equally impressive. Maritime communications with the islands have been cut off, while air traffic disruptions are expected.

“We demand that the real culprits of a good crime be brought to light and that the policy of privatization of public services be stopped; we also demand that the protection of work and life not be treated as an item of expenditure” in the budget, yes as stated in the statement by Adidi, the Federation of Greek Public Servants Unions. (handle).

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