“Great Italy, but it’s not over yet”

London, UK)“Until now not finished yet: Now we have to recover succumb to. Roberto Mancini is already looking forward to the final (still a Wembley) After winning a penalty shootout on one Spain Able to put the Azzurri into difficulty and reclaim Chiesa’s goal with Morata, but then bent on penalty kicks.

‘Suffered evasion’

The advantages of the boys because they believed in all this three years ago – Says the coach after the match. It was a very difficult match. We knew we were going to have to suffer, and Spain put us in difficulty at first but then we found the right coordinates against some great rulers.”. Emotional racing: Football teams attack and defend – added Mancini –We also had chances to score. It was a very open match between two big teams, even if after 1-0 I thought I would be 2-0, in the 90′ ​​final we were in difficulty but less in overtime.. In the end the party went to sanctions.

Mancini at the press conference: “Spain put us in trouble”

When did the spring that made Italy take off begin? “The players wanted to do something different, something they liked and they have succeeded so far – says Mancini at the press conference – the rest, Hard things are the best they can do. We are happy, but we have to wait. Spain is a really great team, they put us in difficulty because they had the ball and came to put pressure on us. But we managed to do what we could. I think it was a good match, with chances from both matches“. in which Italy also played with the fake 9. “We thought and succeeded in sewing the game more – concludes the technical commissioner of the team – We wanted to send Chiesa and Berardi: Ciro ran like crazy, it wasn’t that simple against Spain but we knew it. We knew it could turn out like this, and we were willing to suffer“.

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Mancini: “We wanted the final”

We struggled with possession of Spain, but we wanted the final hard and we got it. When you play such a strong tournament or the European Championship, there is also the game that you have to struggle to win, it can’t go smoothly and actually this was very difficult.“Adds Coach Blue.”I knew – Mancini says again – It was tough, but winning this match was thanks to the guys. Now we’re happy, at first almost no one believed us and now this Victory dedicate to all ItaliansEven when they’ve been through. We are happy, thank you guys for creating something beautiful. We haven’t done everything yet: now we’re getting our strength back, it was very difficult. I knew it was going to be the toughest of the tournament. It’s six, it could have been tiring, but we wanted the final“.

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