Great Britain, government wants to ban mobile phones at school – Europe

Boris Johnson’s Conservative government intends to impose a complete ban on the use of mobile phones by children and young people in British schools. This was announced by the Secretary of Education, Gavin Williamson.

According to Williamson, the obsession with cell phones has “adverse effects” on school performance, well-being and sometimes even the mental health of young people. Before the official ratification of the ruling, the Minister announced that he wanted to discuss it with the heads of the institutes; But – as reported by The Times – he is determined to move forward anyway.

Some teachers’ unions, close to the labor opposition, criticized the idea of ​​rejecting it as a “distraction” from the most pressing school problems, linking especially at this stage to the need to make up for the time lost by children later. Effects of the Covid emergency and lockdown. While there are those who have noted how restrictions on smartphone use are already in place here and there, albeit delegated to the directives of individual administrators and with school-to-school differences on the island. A British study conducted a few years ago recorded an average decline in performance among students of more than 8% due to cell phone addiction. and 14-15% among children with greater learning difficulties.

Other researchers contested the findings, but they are largely confirmed by the experience of countries such as Norway or Spain, which have also decided to impose general bans – or at least a framework of restrictions – for some time.

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