Great Britain: a huge container traffic jam at the port of Felixstowe

UK tanker shortage emergency, at risk of Christmas delivery

La Presse / AP / CorriereTv

(La Presse) Hundreds of containers have been blocked at the British port of Felixstowe, northeast of London, due to a shortage of carriers in the UK. 36% of cargo volumes in Great Britain pass through the airport, as concerns about Christmas deliveries are growing. Shipping company Maersk was forced to hijack some of its large ships to other ports. Oliver Dowden, co-chair of Britain’s Conservative Party, said the situation was “improving” and he was “confident that people will be able to get their toys at Christmas”. Reports continue to point to widespread shortages across Britain, as long queues at petrol stations or empty supermarket shelves have shown in recent weeks. The causes of this crisis are varied, and partly related to the adjustment of global supply chains after the pandemic shutdowns. But Britain is suffering more than other countries, due to a shortage of truck drivers: the combination of Brexit and the pandemic has prompted many EU workers to leave the UK and go home.

Oct 13, 2021 – Updated Oct 13, 2021 at 4:21pm

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