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Great anti-government strikes in the UK

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom witnessed major strikes, mainly involving teachers, civil servants, railway workers and border control officers. According to trade union estimates, around 500,000 people took part in strikes across the country: British newspapers called it the largest strike in the last ten years. The reasons for the protests are linked to a series of cuts in public services and the failure to adjust salaries to suit the cost of living, which has been hit hard in recent months by high inflation.

Wednesday’s demonstrations were the culmination of a broader and more comprehensive demonstration rash that have been going on since the end of last year: in the past two months, among other things, thousands of nurses, physiotherapists, postal drivers and public transport drivers have protested, Ambulance personnel and teachers.

Teacher strikes, including university strikes, have hit Wales and England in particular: the UK’s main teachers’ union has estimated that 85 per cent of schools in the two countries have experienced disruption, with thousands closed or only partially running.

Several train drivers also went on strike, and there was a lot of commotion at the train stations. Harassment was also expected at airports due to a border staff strike, but the situation remained under control: Heathrow, the country’s main airport in London, reported a few queues slightly longer than usual when checking documents.

Several more strikes are expected in the next few days, although they will probably be less involved than today (it is already known which unions have announced their participation): on Thursday 2nd February there will be another strike of teachers, on Friday 3rd February another as Aslef, the National Railroad Transport Association, was announced. Until February 24, excluding today, 16 days of strikes are expected.

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