Graphic effects for the youngest, so BT Sport will be broadcasting the English Premier League

British pay TV BT Sport The English Premier League is ushering in a new era. Source – writes Sports Pro – Added an alternate viewing experience to its app ahead of the new Premier League football season.

Starting Saturday, with exclusive coverage of the opening match of the Arab Republic of Egypt Manchester United At home against competitors from Leeds UnitedA new “Hype Mode” feature will be available, which will include a set of graphics designed to engage younger audiences.

It will include specific drawings about actions, from descriptions of key moments to a series of drawings such as flashes of fireAnd smoke trails A series of players and other characters in full animation style that gives an idea of ​​u200bu200bthe strongest shots.

Networks in the US have previously experimented with youth-focused broadcasting, including when ViacomCBS aired an NFL game on Nickelodeon, but BT says noise mode It is the first of its kind in the UK.

jimmy hindhogBT Sport’s chief operating officer, said:Hype Mode is a UK innovation in live football that will provide a new viewing experience for children and families, while maintaining the integrity of the competitions we cover.».

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