Gran Turismo: Select PS Plus subscribers receive an early movie invite

Based on some reports that have surfaced online and reported by Playstationlifestyle, we have the opportunity to learn that Sony is inviting some PS Plus users via email to Watch Gran Turismo in advance. Show date will beAugust 8, 2023Three days before the film was released in the United States.

there promotionIn fact, it appears to be at least for the time being exclusive to the USA. Obviously, everything is only linked to specific cinemas, so it is plausible that it is not possible to choose which hall to go to to see the Gran Turismo movie. In addition, the number of tickets (which must be purchased, not free) for a preview is limited and those who are too slow to claim a seat can lose their chance, even if they are invited. Finally, you must prove that you’re a PS Plus member when you purchase your Early Access pass. We’ll have to see if it extends beyond the US, though that seems unlikely.

Gran Turismo: Trailer and details on the movie

You will tell Gran Turismo The story of Jean Madinborough, a real PlayStation player turned car racer. The character will be portrayed by Jann Madenborough. In the movie, we will also find David Harbor and Orlando Bloom who will be his track coaches.

to direct the film there Neil Blomkamp, primarily known for his works in the science fiction genre. But the guy is “obsessed with cars,” as he revealed, so it’s no surprise that he decided to work on this movie.

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