Gran Turismo 7 bombarded with negative comments after pro microtransactions last update –

Gran Turismo 7 receive real Bombing negative reviews On Metacritic after update 1.07, which reduced the rewards of some races, according to users who prefer microtransactions.

We have already talked about modernization, and given the building, the controversy was practically a physiological consequence of what appeared. The accusation, which appears in all reviews with a voice of 0 and 1 published in the past hours, is very clear: Sony Users want to spend more on microtransactions and for this reason I have reduced the prizes of some races, in order to make the acquisition of new cars in the game longer.

However, many talk about a good address, but with very greedy and, therefore, unbearable microtransactions. For example Dirtykittenfart wrote: “This game was really cool until they lowered the race bonuses. Anything fun costs in-game currency, and the polyphony makes it increasingly difficult to get in-game currency. They are trying by all means to charge microtransactions for a game that already costs $70. This is a really dodgy trading practice and I will never buy any Polyphony games again.

There will be many examples of this kind, but let’s say that’s enough and understand more air that pulls. How will Sony respond to angry users?

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