GP Australia, the new Albert Park will be very fast: 5 inches less than the pole

Melbourne Park and Albert Park will be very different, and they will host GP Australia Next November. Important changes in planning are rewriting the circuit, with the goal of a “citizen” – really unusual because it’s so fast – which will get faster in the normal cycle.

Goodbye chicane, in full direction towards turn 11

Interventions made inEliminate chicane in turn 9-10 central point, not the only one. Indeed, up to 7 curves undergo a new profile, with interventions involving widening the inlet of the road curve and creating a different camber, resulting in tilted curves with respect to the formation of the perfectly flat current (if we take into account the parallax in the curve section, the slope of the road between The inner and outer sidewalk).

The numbers released by the promoter tell A. Albert Park averaged 251 km / h in the qualifiers, 15 km / h more simulated compared to last year’s qualifiers.

The curves widened at the entrance

In turn 1 there will be a stretch of 2.5 meters to the right of the drivers, so It will completely change the course of the 1-2 curve sequence. The turn 3 is also expanded, 4 meters wide, the space inside is still obtained and is accompanied by a change in the camber.

In curve 6, the minimum speed will be much higher, with an increase of 70 km / h Compared to the past, with an estimate of 219 km / h. It is the “right” that entered the short extension ahead of the chicane from turn 9-10, and now one full extension up to the 11th floor. The promoter refers to the segment as A fourth of the DRS can extend, potentially touching 330 hours Already very fast right and left ahead of the central strip. The highest G forces, 5,4, are expected at this point.

Faster 5-inch flight

Next curve 13 will be made more inclined, closed and braking lengthened – in fact by using a portion of the escape route that is already in place (plus a portion of the road that is usually open to traffic) despite the 3-meter path span and the modified profile in inclination B. Finally, the penultimate curve will be more open when inserted thanks to the 3.5 m span obtained.

Summary of the chronometer on the lap? 5 seconds less and qualified simulation of 1’15 ”8 Against 1’21 “from the past. The metric development of the circle extends from 5,303 meters to 5,280 meters. In perspective, with confirmation that could arrive in the coming months, Albert Park could change even more, eliminating two more curves and a passage of 16 to 14 curves .

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