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GP Australia: Melbourne enthusiasm, the city now reclaims the World Championship

There is expectation and generation‘agitation A wonderful occasion. After two years of emptiness a Melbourne You can breathe the desire for a Formula 1 race everywhere, in the city, among the fans but also among the drivers themselves. The nightmare and Covid tunnel began here, when in 2020 it was decided after a long night of discussions to cancel the first Grand Prix of the season. After 24 months, the smiles without masks are back, and the desire to have fun and do it above all else is close. Also because the first steps of this new era were admired by everyone and expectations were raised.

remains the idol of the house, Daniel Ricciardo. The colors of T-shirts and hats, like fashion, followed the change of her team. This year it is orange that reigns, but with the matte McLaren team, the wait is all for the third chapter of the challenge between Ferrari and Red Bull.

Verstappen is getting heavier than ever and, awaiting the slimming treatment that his RB18 from Imola onwards will undergo, here he will do so with the means at his disposal. The same thing that drove him to win in Jeddah which can be great with the new track configuration, much faster. On the other hand, Ferrari starts developing F1-75. A new bottom and an updated front wing have been thought and introduced to increase efficiency and portability, will be evaluated for free to begin the process of collecting valuable data, but with an emphasis on the present. It will be necessary to be good and responsive to read completely new track and asphalt. With Mercedes still a construction site, the details will make the difference again against Red Bull,

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