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Government confuses Covid-19 data

How does it work in other countries

In Europe, different countries publish data on the epidemic only weekly, albeit in different ways, the database shows Our world in historyAnd the A project from the University of Oxford records in its files the data according to the date of the notification. All Italian stats for the last week of November 4 were uploaded and not distributed over the previous days, as they are zero.

France and Germany update the data on a daily basis, but only between Monday and Friday, while there is no update on Saturday and Sunday. In Spain, the data is updated on Fridays, as Italy does now. As for the UK, the update is weekly and takes place on Thursdays.

Other countries that release data once a week are Belgium (Thursday), Cyprus (Friday), Estonia (Tuesday), Finland (Thursday), Greece (Tuesday), Hungary (Wednesday), Ireland (Wednesday), Sweden (Thursday) and Switzerland (Tuesday). The Netherlands publishes data twice a week: on Tuesday and Friday.

Outside of Europe, in Canada, data is released on a daily basis, as well as in Japan and South Korea, while in the United States it depends from country to country.

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