Google’s new Nest Audio Smart Speaker is official, it costs $ 99.99

Google has officially announced the new Nest Audio smart speaker, the latest in a series of smart speakers supported by the Google Assistant. Nest Audio replaces the Original Google Home Page from 2016 As Google’s smart mid-range speaker, it oscillates above the Nest Mini and below the Nest Max on the list. It costs $ 99.99 and will be available starting October 5 in 21 countries. you may Pre-order it now.

In contrast to the aesthetic of the Google Home air freshener, Nest Audio’s smooth rounded corners and mysterious rectangular shape make it a lot like a loaf of bread that stands at its end. Like the Nest Mini, it’s completely draped in fabric, which you can get in many different colors. Also like the other Nest speakers, there are four color LEDs built into the fabric that illuminate when the speaker hears or responds to a voice command. You can choose between dark gray, light gray, green, pink or blue color options.

The Nest Audio is available in five color options.
Image: Google

Aside from new design and upgraded audio, Nest Audio does everything other Google Assistant speakers do: play music, control smart home devices, tell you the weather, etc. You can pair multiple units in a stereo system or other multi-room audio configurations.

Google claims Nest Audio is 75 percent higher than the Google Home it replaces, and has 50 percent stronger bass response. The box is made from 70 percent recycled plastic. It has a 19mm tweet and a 75mm average tweet.

Google’s main competitor here is Amazon, which has just revamped it Popular Echo Smart Speakers. The Nest Audio competes with the standard Echo, which also retails for $ 99. The main differences between them are the design – the Echo is now a ball compared to the thin Google rectangle – and the voice assistant that powers them, the Google Assistant for the Nest and Alexa for the Echo. We’ll have to wait until we can compare it side by side to determine which is the best speaker.

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