Google will now become our official doctor: just ask him for information, and now he will give us the complete diagnosis | It is already in use in these hospitals

Chatbot for Health –

The possibility of diagnosing disorders online is becoming more real. Although he has always been frustrated, it is possible that he will soon be visited by the AI.

Technological innovation has made it possible to create a highly effective chatbot, thanks to which it will be possible to identify and treat many diseases, even the most serious ones.

Google is already testing its technology AI Med-PaLM 2 chat room at Mayo Clinic And other hospitals, this robot depends on Large Language Model (LLM) PaLM 2 Bard runs Google’s ChatGPT competitor, and launched just a few months ago at Google I/O.

Unlike the basic model, Med-PaLM-2 is trained on questions and answers obtained from medical licensing exams, combined with a hand-picked set of medical expert presentations. This gives it Competence in answering health-related questions It can also perform tedious tasks such as summarizing documents and organizing research data.

During the I/O conference, Google released a document detailing its work on Med-PaLM2. On the positive side, there are characteristics such as “conformance with the medical consensus”, the ability to reason and even The ability to Generate responses that respondents prefer over responses generated by physicians.

The future of artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis

also Microsoft Develops AI medical chat technology based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT, in collaboration with healthcare software company Epic. Google is also working on using its own artificial intelligence for Ultrasound diagnosis and treatment of canceras revealed in March.

Online health, treatment and diagnosis with artificial intelligence – (Source: freepik)

Both companies promised to keep patient information confidential, saying they would Do not train their models on patient data. Last month, Microsoft said there was a possibility that ChatGPT technology could be used by doctors Improve communications with patients.

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in a letter Google He said he thought the updated model could be “from eValue standards in countries with limited access to physiciansHowever, he admitted that the technology is still in its infancy. “I don’t think this kind of technology has reached the point I want in my family’s healthcare journey,” she said. Greg CorradoSenior Director of Research at Google.

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