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A new wave of updates is coming to Google’s browser. There is a function about to arrive that can improve the performance of your devices at the highest levels. Here’s everything you need to know

Undoubtedly, the number one browser in the world Google Chrome. At least when we talk about the desktop, with the Big G app providing dozens of additional features for convenient navigation and allowing you to always have everything at your fingertips. And we also work on the mobile section, so we don’t leave anything to chance.

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In this regard, the developer team is working on a file new update This will greatly improve the performance of your device. Thanks a lot for the feature ‘Intense rapid strangulation’able to Reduce CPU time by 10%. It goes without saying that your battery autonomy will score immediate and tangible benefits.

Google Chrome, all the details of Quick Intensive Throttling

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It will improve smartphone independence (Adobe Stock)

Version 87 of Google Chrome Introduce this feature throttle capacitor wake up, A handy tool that can prevent JavaScript from waking a card more than once a minute. A little trick that allowed to improve the performance of the device used. Now it’s your turn Intense fast throttle, an upgrade compared to the previous feature which, according to Google’s words, will reduce CPU time by 10%. Simply put, usage will decrease about 5 times, at once Longer battery life of up to 1.25 hours.

The Intensive Wake Up Throttling feature for JS timer was released in version 86, where the timer Wake Ups is aligned to a 1 minute interval after a 5 minute idle period. The 5 minute timeout is very conservative and was chosen to allow Intensive Wake Up Throttling with minimal sloshing risks. We are now considering reducing the timeout to just 10 seconds for pages that are considered loaded when they are hiddenExplain the company itself. The global rollout is expected in the coming weeks. For a greater use advantage.

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