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Google threatens to suspend its search engine in Australia

An arm wrestling with the Canberra government over a bill aimed at making digital platforms pay for the news they share


The Google Threatened to Removing its search engine from Australia, If the law is passed that binds the Mountain View giant Publishers pay for news and content Republished. This was stated by Mel Silva, vice president of Google Australia and New Zealand, at a hearing in the Senate committee dealing with the economy. “If the law becomes law, Google will have no choice but to stop accessing Australia’s search serviceSaid Silva.

The director’s statement keeps tensions between the tech giant and the Canberra government high after the past few weeks The Google Accused in Australia To own It has been removed from the results Some research Content published by publishers Local people. According to the giant, the process was part ofExperience – he did experiments.

The bill was born after profSurvey 2019 For the Canberra government, which has shown how tech giants, like Google or Facebook, are making huge profits by getting a large chunk of Online and media advertising revenue. In response, the Australian Treasury Secretary ordered the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the superintendent of competition, to b Create a code of conduct Google, Facebook, or other portals are required to pay publishers for the news shared on their platforms.

Platforms have been on the barricades ever since. Last September, Facebook threatened the same transformation. At the time, Australia and New Zealand, Facebook CEO Will Easton, mentioned that the social network Consider commenting sharing news Locally and internationally. Now, Google is preparing for a more drastic move, according to Sydney Morning Herald, It wouldn’t be deceptive because the fear is that this bill might create a A world precedent. For now, Canberra appears unwilling to back down, according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison:Australia sets the rules for what can be done in Australia. This is what our parliament does. It’s determined by our government and this is how things work in Australia“.

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Google has submitted a counter proposal to the Australian government. As Silva explained, “There is a way to come up with effective code that will allow us to support the Australian press without interrupting the research. This solution will see Google publishers pay with the News Showcase, And it is a licensing program that already has nearly 450 partner publishers globally. By including News Showcase in Code, Google may pay publishers on a tangible value basis and reach trade agreements based on Showcase binding arbitration. Additionally, we have also proposed changes to the current review model, to align it with widely accepted models, to promote fair trade outcomes, and to ensure that notification requirements for algorithms are enforceable by Google and beneficial to publishers.

[L’articolo è stato aggiornato con la controproposta di Google]

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