Google is adding a feature to enhance the already existing Pixel photos on iPhone

According to Android PoliceRecently, Google improved its system to make it easier to take photos at the perfect level with Google Camera application. To take a plane photo, you will need to show two level indicators (one in yellow, one in white). You can make these lines appear by holding your phone upright. Try to adjust the camera so that both lines are on top of each other creating a single yellow indicator with a bold font. When this happens, you are downloading a file Pixels Level that’s great for photos of famous landmarks. Better yet, if you own a Pixel 4 Or later, you will feel a slight haptic reaction when the phone is completely flat.

If you want to take a top-down photo (this simply means taking a photo with the camera above the subject in No angle Allowing you to capture the top surface of the bezel), hold your phone straight down to show two sets of intersecting indicators (+). Set the phone so the yellow and white crosses lie on top of each other.

Crosshair is also available for taking level photos on your iPhone. Simply go to Settings > camera And switch on the network. Hold the phone over the subject for a few seconds and you’ll see the white crosshair and yellow crosshair. Line them up by moving the phone and you will get the image of the level.

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