Google fired its employee, convinced that AI has become self-aware

Blake Lemoine, a computer engineer at Google who said at the beginning of June that he was convinced the company’s AI had become self-aware, He let the papers know he was fired. Lemoine has already been suspended from his position on charges Disclosure and dissemination of confidential information on technologies that Google uses in violation of its contract. Google only indirectly confirmed the news, say to the edge Who wishes “the best” for Lemoine.

Google has responded to Lemoine’s accusations by recalling that all activities related to developments in the field of artificial intelligence are followed by some kind of ethics committee, with independent members tasked with evaluating potential implications in the development of increasingly “smart technologies”. The company added that it found Lemoine’s allegations “totally baseless”.

Lemoine said he felt badly treated by Google. In the months leading up to the suspension, some executives had already advised him to take a break from work citing the need to deal with some mental issues. After seven years at Google, Lemoine is now considering working with AI on his own.

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