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Google connects Europe and the US with a super fiber cable

The cable allows you to transmit 3 times more information every second than all books of the Library of Congress

Google completed the dunan cable laying (Image: Google)

Google Completed the laying of the submarine cable connecting Virginia Beach, USA, to Saint Hilar de Reyes, France, across the Atlantic Ocean. Installation work Approximately 6,500 km of cable It started in 2018 and now this massive link will allow data to travel quickly 250 terabits per second.

L ‘Transplant Suffered a slight delay due to the pandemic but now, thanks to collaboration between Big G and SubCon, The marine data transmission partner responsible for designing and laying the cables, the business is finally started. The Cable Dunant is named in honor of the Swiss businessman and social activist Henry Dunant, founder of the Red Cross and first laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Dunant is the first long range submarine cable to be adopted Space division double design (Sdm) with 12 pairs of fibers. This innovative system allows the cable to reach speeds of 250 terabits per second. To understand how fast data can be transmitted over this cable, just think that it is capable of transmitting Every second three times size Information contained in more than 28 million books Hosted in Library of the United States Congress.

This cable will serve Google for Improve your cloud infrastructure In addition to the Korean cable, which connects the United States, Panama and Chile, and the Ekeanu cable, which connects South America with Portugal. Google has also reported that the Grace Hopper cable is being finalized and activated, which starts in the US, is forked, and will reach the shores of the UK and Spain.

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