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Google collected GPS data without consent: Millionaire fined in Australia

Google will have to pay a fine $43 million to ownMade misleading claims to consumers about the collection and use of their personal location data on Android phones between January 2017 and December 2018This was decided by the Australian Federal Court following action against Google by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) in October 2019.

Violation of local law So it costs Google dearly (and its subsidiary Google Australia Pty Ltd): In practice, it was a California company Accused of providing incorrect and partial information to usersindicating that the only setting in which the company collects geolocation data is Location record. However, there is another approach – Web and App Activity Allows Google to obtain data about each user’s location. Additionally, this is the active default setting.

So, even though location history is turned off, Google has also been able to collect users’ geolocation data (estimate is 1.3 million accounts), target them with personalized and personalized ads accordingly.

Personal location data is sensitive and important […] Some users[may have made different choices about the collection, storage and use of their location data if misleading information,[potrebberoaverfattosceltediversesullaraccoltal’archiviazioneel’usodeilorodatisullaposizioneseGooglenonavesserilasciatoinformazioniingannevoli][ربمااتخذواخياراتمختلفةحولجمعبياناتالموقعالخاصةبهموتخزينهاواستخدامهاإذالمتصدرGoogleمعلوماتمضللة،[potrebberoaverfattosceltediversesullaraccoltal’archiviazioneel’usodeilorodatisullaposizioneseGooglenonavesserilasciatoinformazioniingannevoli

Gina Kass Gottlieb, president of the ACCC, explains.

From 2018 onwards Google has changed the way it collects data Adapt to Australian legislation and make it easier and more accessible to set up on your smartphone. The same company accepted the proposed payment of A$60 million.

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