Google celebrates the opening of the Suez Canal with a display of ships in searches

We were all a little cheerful when, Also thanks to the Italian locomotiveThe authorities announced that they had succeeded disincagliare la nave ever that was Traffic obstruction in the Suez Canal for days. A story that kept the global economy in suspense first and foremost, but also many of us found ourselves following their actions.special forces»Gigantic calls to move the sea. Adventure with a happy ending – Plus, inspiring dozens of memes online – It quickly became a video game. But not only: why Even Google decided to celebrate the feat. on his way.

Lister eggs

If you enter the words «Suez Canal“Oh”since when», The cute Easter egg that the company created has been unlocked for all of its users. At the beginning of the results will appear there A delightful parade of small ships traveling from right to left of the screen. Just as they do now, the Evergreen ship is liberated in the Suez Canal. or, If you want to read it in a more poetic wayGoogle has used the pretext to represent the vast amount of information that travels thanks to its search engine. Hypothetical charge, apparently, impossible to stop.

March 30, 2021 (Change March 30, 2021 | 17:15)

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