Google announces countless news: Here are the changes to Search, Lens, and Maps

google browser Several news were announced on the occasion of the event Looking for 2021. Using Artificial Intelligence Big G intends to use its vast amount of data to provide users with new functions to exploit in order to “help in everyday life” and “meet the complex. global challenges” we face.

Mom SU

my mom It was announced last Google I/O, with abbreviated meaning Unified multitasking model. It is a technology that has proven itself Very useful during a pandemic Because it is able to manage a large amount of information and present it to users in a short time. MUM can detect exploitable data from texts, images and videos, and at the same time it can create relationships between different topics and ideas.

With the news we will see “in the coming months” first in English, MUM will be done on Google Lens with some interesting goodies. Specifically, typical visual searches for a feature can be accompanied by text and questions: Simply frame a T-shirt and ask to find the same design on another item of clothing, such as a hat or socks. This allows for greater accuracy than just a text search, because typing “search for socks with white flowers”, for example, will not allow the system to detect the same design or the same flowers as the T-shirt.

Thanks to MUM a whole new search page

With the increasing role of artificial intelligence in the Google services experience, the company aims to make the user interface more intuitive and user-friendly, while implementing new features such as MUM.

One of the novelties Things to knowBy exploiting MUM, in effect, Google knows what key elements users are interested in for every search they do, and what aspects they are looking for sooner or later. For example, thanks to technology it will be possible to deepen the research without necessarily having to write down the topic that we want to deepen in detail.

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Likewise it will be possible Refine your search, more and more specific, or expand it In order to get an increasingly general view on the topic. The two new versions will arrive in the coming months, with the latter expected to be launched in English. There is another novelty for English-speaking users only New navigable page with more visuals For some types of search: for example if we are looking for “Christmas decorating ideas”, Google will suggest not only articles and pages, but also and above all images and videos.

MUM will also be widely used for Identify key moments in videos: Using its AI algorithms, for example, it can actually understand when a winning goal happens during a soccer match, or the individual steps of a cooking recipe. With the news coming in during the event, you can also select the topics discussed in the different parts of the video, with special links that let you go in just as deep as you want. According to Google, MUM will be so accurate that it will be able to understand that a topic is being talked about even when it is not explicitly stated.

Not only MUM, but also Shopping News, Chrome and Maps

Among the news announced during the Search On event, there are not only those on MUM. We have one example New shopping experience, with also Advice on local shops, guides on how to match clothes, for example, and other useful information. It is also possible to determine the presence of a particular product in the inventory of nearby physical stores. Unfortunately, both features are available in different countries, but not in Italy.

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Google will offer ‘soon’ and only in the US at launch Lens mode su iOSWhich allows, through the Google app, to search for all individual images on a page using Google Lens technology. Lens will also be integrated into the Chrome desktop: User can select images, videos and text on the website and access related search results in the same tab. Lens on Chrome desktop will reach worldwide “in the next few months,” according to the company.

Also news on about this result, which will show more information about the source and what other sources have written on the topic through further research. Unfortunately, this novelty will also take first place only in English.

New features on Google Maps powered by artificial intelligence

from laughing Google Maps News The most important, among those discussed in Search On relative to the new Layer “wildfire” who – which Fires will appear wherever they are found and develop. This is a feature designed to combat climate change, which will be arriving worldwide starting in October on Android, iOS and desktop. The new layer will retrieve data from satellites that Google already owns, and display it all in one place that is easy for all users to access.

Thus the user can receive real-time information on multiple fires at the same time, in order to The ability to respond effectively and make decisions based on the data in the layer.

In 2022, Google will expand its Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) from the current 15 US cities to more than 100 new global cities: the EIE uses aerial imagery and artificial intelligence techniques to identify urban areas where temperatures can rise most quickly, an issue that typically involves Low – income communities and increases health issues. The data can also be used by local policy makers to understand how to address warming in areas (by increasing green or gray areas) before it becomes a problem.

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Google will also launch title maker, an application that allows organizations and local governments to use the open source Plus code system to quickly create unique and functional addresses, even at a large scale, directly from smartphones. Google’s system is cheaper, and above all much faster than the systems currently used for the same purpose: “Previously, it took years to generate country or village addresses,” the company said. “With Address Maker, Plus Code addresses can also be created at scale, reducing time to just a few weeks.” Grandma allows you to Create an address for people who don’t have an address (With all the issues involved), especially in sparsely populated areas, give out street names and assign addresses, making sure everything also works on Google Maps and with the service API.

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