Google announced 6 new features for Android: Here’s it in detail

Google welcomes the upcoming summer with Six new features for over 3 billion Android devices This is announced in a press release on his blog, as usual. The six functions will be available for all compatible devices in a few weeks.

Global earthquake alerts

Google makes it known that a file earthquake alerts It was recently launched in New Zealand and Greece and will soon go global with its launch in Turkey, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, other countries with a higher risk of earthquakes.

Specials and encryption for Google Messages

It was talked about a few weeks ago and now it’s special for google messages They are official. You can now press and hold on a message and star it, so you can have it handy to review in the blink of an eye. In addition, messages are now protected with end-to-end encryption.

New Emoji Kitchen Tips

The Emoji DIY Kitchen Gboard They become easier to use because they are prompted at the same time you are writing a message, just like emojis and other items of this type. This allows you to discover the perfect combination at exactly the moment you need it.

Accessing apps by voice

Now you can access Favorite apps simply by using your voice: Just say “Hey Google, pay the Capital One bill” to go directly to the app and complete the task or “Hey Google, check my Strava miles” to quickly see your weekly progress on the lock screen.

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Voice access password and appearance improvements

Voice Access Now supports advanced password entry by entering letters, numbers and symbols using voice and eye detection, so it only works when looking at the device screen.

More customization for Android Auto

Android Auto It takes functionality and graphics customization to a higher level by allowing you to customize the startup screen right from your smartphone and manually set the dark mode. But not only does it make it easier to browse content with new tabs in multimedia apps, it adds a “back to top” option and an A-Z button on the slider, simplifies first setup, and integrates charging, parking, and navigation apps for electric vehicles, it works on Improved messaging experience, so you can access your favorite messaging apps from the Start screen, and allows you to easily read and send new messages directly from apps like WhatsApp and Google Messages.

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