Google Analytics, Fatal Error: What’s Happening

The unreasonableness of the data illustrates the perpetuation of the information access flaw in Google Analytics. what is going on?

Google Analytics Causes of damage
Google Analytics (Adobe Photo)

At first there were blogs, then progressive companies, commercial realities of every rank and degree, information and entertainment services, and finally webmasters of all races were added; These are far from virtual users Google Analytics: This is the platform created by a multinational corporation from California to provide a range of services for free web analyticsbased on a detailed analysis of the statistics regarding visits and the target of website visitors.

By virtue of its ability to evaluate the online performance of entire user accounts, such a service can only rely on an update in real time Information that constantly conveys the rich functionality that characterizes the current tool, able, over the years, to reconcile the complex expressiveness of its functions with ease of use.

In fact, statistics and analytical tools constantly monitor the behavior of the site, evaluating some key parameters: the success of keywords in search engines, site traffic, the time a visitor spends on the site and the number of people communicating with the site; And much more. The same platform was a victim of a Ongoing problem That affected the management of the above data.

Google Analytics, Data Sensitivity, and Service Power at Risk

Google Analytics for what's happening
Google Analytics (Adobe Photo)

Since April 7, an anomaly has been reported in Google Analytics related to a bug in the real-time report interface; The damage is caused by the incomplete and misleading presentation of data, if not its complete absence. At the same time, a critical error – This means that the criminal hand of real remote attackers – caught in the plug-in WordPress Google official, which currently has 300,000 redundant facilities; Intrusion allows the owner to get to the owner in a jiffy Google Search Console of the target sites.

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This vulnerability faces the ominous potential of a potential domino effect that could affect, as well as Analytics and Search Console, as well as Tag Manager, PageSpeed ​​Insights, Optimize and AdSense. At the same time, what users accuse in practice is the apparent imbalance between the numbers observed in real time and the real numbers; If users encounter this discrepancy casually (translated into disruptions that no longer last a few tens of minutes), it is now proving to be an unprecedented “failure.”

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On the other hand, the same Ads Status Dashboard (the official Google Dashboard) that confirmed the anomaly by posting a message to users, announces that the issue has been resolved and that any other issue of the same type has nothing to do with this incident. In fact, they are coming in last week reactions They come from all over the world: Brazil, Serbia, Argentina, the Netherlands, Chile, Poland, the United States, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy and others. How do I say: hard to talk about isolated cases.

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