Goodbye to ATM withdrawals, you can no longer withdraw money: it really happens

Over the years, we are seeing more and more transition from cash to payment without, through the use of credit cards and electronic methods.

This leads to a sharp drop in ATMs in the area, have you noticed? Perhaps very soon it will not be possible to withdraw cash. Relationship details. counter

ATMs are disappearing, no withdrawals, why

With the help of electronic methods like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc., Thanks to NFC payments for the latest generation of smartphonesAnd the We are gradually seeing Moving from cash to digital payments: Some of you may have already noticed, But ATMs and ATMs scattered throughout the territory are gradually decreasing more and more.

Happening more and more in The tendency of banks to close physical branches in favor of online banks and home banking. Allowing you to manage your money In a completely digital way, without the aid of a physical presence.

But according to some analysts, Cash will continue to be used for years and years to comeFull transition to digital payments only The future is still far away.

Mobile Payments Observatory at Politecnico di Milano Has conducted a study on this topic showing money Still in first place with 60% of payments in Italy. Below are credit or debit cards, with 25% stakeand finally 15% represented by other available forms of payment.

What do the experts think about it, goodbye to cash withdrawals

Stop withdrawals soon

In the opinion of some economists Criticism will never have a complete enddespite the low percentage that may occur in the future She won’t die completely. condition Swedenwhere is she Cash is increasingly becoming a smaller share of total payments, With the credit card that accounts for the vast majority of payments, But it maintains a ratio of 7%.

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However, the downward trend of physical banks was confirmed Italy managerthat highlighted how Active offices in relation to the Italian state decreased by about 2,000 unitspassing straight from 23,481 offices to me 21’650 inside Not even a year.

Alternative solution , which was suggested by Intesa Sanpaolois a possibility Withdrawing directly from tobacco sellers – You obviously have an agreement with Banca 5 – We’re sure there are other banking institutions They will embrace this solution in the coming months and years.

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