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A catastrophe appears so serious that users shudder, it seems that it will not be possible to withdraw from an ATM: that’s what it is about

Payment methods, especially for some time, have undergone a fundamental change in terms of speed: for some time, People who use cash much less and are more inclined to use Bancomat for their tasks and purchases which are considered safe. Unfortunately, there has been a bit of a disaster recently with regards to ATMs, but in particular withdrawals.

Many know that the term Bancomat is used to define a debit card used in various departments. Each subject can have one or more subjects, which are issued by banks that have obtained a license from Bancomat spa The first Bancomat card was born in 1983, and it is a magnetic card that makes it possible to withdraw cash from ATMs of any bank. Today, it is clear that there have been great changes thanks to development and technology.

When an individual uses a Bancomat card to make a purchase, the transaction is immediately debited from the current account owned by himrepeats. Thanks to technology, every bank has introduced to the home banking system, where some services can be availed from the comfort of your personal computer.

However, unfortunately, it can sometimes cause serious damage to those who have to make withdrawals from the ATM of their bank or any other bank. Everything has been implemented with a specific strategy by the central bank in reference to monetary policy. This has caused serious problems with withdrawals from some bank branches.

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Cash Withdrawals: Is it no longer possible to withdraw from ATMs?

Based on a careful analysis, around 10,000 ATMs have been disposed of in the last period. This happened because of interest rates, so the European Central Bank chose to reconsider banks’ margins. What came out is indeed very serious news: it seems that DrFrom July 1, it will no longer be possible to withdraw from ATMs. But let’s be precise: not all users will be affected.

What changes for individuals? Direct line 24

Not all streams will suffer the harsh blow mentioned some time ago. The decision appears to concern only one lender.

It will only be about ING Direct, the online bank “Conto Arancio”, part of the Dutch group ING. On the basis of this decision, there is a change in the trading strategy. This institute operates mostly online and about 96% of its users are digital. However, this decision does not keep other banks calm as other institutions can follow the example of ING Direct.

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