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As you all know by now, we’ll find ourselves facing a really harsh fall and winter, as the extravagant energy will be evident on the bills for the coming months, which will tend to skyrocket.

Here are some tips to help you save in a practical and smart way, while reducing energy consumption and lowering the cost of your electricity and gas bills.

A first rule of thumb is to avoid excessive consumption and waste, especially in relation to the kitchen. So it will be enough Improve the use of the stove, by reducing the time of use, to actually achieve a reduction in consumption in the long run. For example, in the case of cooking pasta, the passive cooking method can be used very well, allowing you to cook pasta with the heat off (once the boiling temperature is reached, of course), simply by slightly increasing the cooking times compared to what is expected with campfire.

In the context of the kitchen, some useful energy-saving tricks include, for example, inuse covers Based on pressure cookers. In fact, the use of lids reduces heat dissipation and significantly reduces boiling times, which leads to improved energy efficiency and reduced consumption. Also remember to only add salt once the water has boiled, since Salt leads to endoscopic rise that slows down time.

It is also useful to use a pressure cooker, which allows you to significantly reduce the cooking times that will be necessary for our dishes, which also leads to significant savings in this case. In the case of cooking ingredients like pasta and rice, in fact, cooking times can be reduced by up to a third of the total.

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Other useful tips

Then always make sure to choose Pans have an evenly cooked bottom: In this way, in fact, the heat will be distributed evenly over the entire surface of the pan in question, resulting in a faster and faster cooking of all the foods we put on it.

In the event that we want to boil vegetables, it is good to chop them immediately before cooking: boiled potatoes in cubes, in fact, will cook in a much shorter time than whole potatoes placed in a bowl.

Gas 2 Quariko

Use microwaveone of the most popular appliances in recent years, which with multiple cooking programs allows you to significantly save the final cost of energy bills.

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