Goodbye from 2035 to polluting vehicles

The Fit for 55 package includes thirteen actions to achieve the zero emissions target set by the European Union. Recently, sales of high-emission vehicles such as diesel, gasoline and LPG were voted to stop. Let’s find out the news.

If we do not interfere with targeted measures Reducing the impact on the environment We will find ourselves having to face really unfavorable situations.

EU climate goals


with a view to achieving Climate goals established From the European Union for 2030 and 2050The European Parliament Progressive case review Elimination of greenhouse gas emissions levels in the atmosphere. The decision relates to Overall reduction in CO2 linked to use of endogenous pollutants.

Investigation Zero emissions to Mobility On the planned route 2035Moreover, some intermediate targets have been included in 55% for passenger cars and 50% for vans by 2030.

The European Parliament suggest it Stop selling cars and commercial vehicles lit dieselAnd the Gas and with Internal combustion engines From 2035. All of these measures are included in the action package against climate change called Fit for 55. Only final yeses from the European Council and the Commission would be missing.

Climate goals: what is changing


basically, Starting in 2035And the Internal combustion cars and vehicles cannot be registered, while vehicles already on the road will be able to continue using them until the day they finish the product cycle. The vehicles that can be sold will be only those a zero emissionswith advertising engines hydrogen or with electric batteries.

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European Union and the Third world producer of carbon dioxide After China and the United States and only internal combustion car trading accounts 12% of total emissions. Suppose it works on a sector Mobility It can achieve important results for planet welfare.

For manufacturers of internal combustion vehicles, it will be appropriate to start thinking about new production strategies for creating internal combustion vehicles Zero Emission Vehicles.

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