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It finally happened: Elon Musk decided to respect the will of Twitter users, according to another survey he launched himself. But who will be the new CEO?

In a recent poll, Musk asked Blue Bird owners to decide the future of Twitter. The question was simple: Should I quit managing Twitter? I will stick to the results of this survey. With over 17.5 million votes, 57% of users asked for the South African-born businessman’s resignation.

Elon Musk from behind wrapped in shade.

Musk cut reconnaissance

After some apparent hesitations, which threatened the billionaire’s stability, on Tuesday Musk tweeted that he would respect the poll’s outcomebut before stepping down as CEO of Twitter, you will have to find a suitable replacement.

“I will step down as CEO as soon as I find someone stupid enough to take over! After that, I will only manage the software and server teams.” I The words written by Elon Musk announcing his future resignation on the blue platformBut when he can find a “stupid enough person” to replace him, it is still difficult to say.

Many see this situation as a failure of an eccentric businessman, but it is also true that many of his statements have repeatedly revealed his desire to stay on as CEO for just a few months.

Controversial management result

The sudden resignation from the most annoying social network of the moment comes almost two months after the acquisition of Musk, who we remember is also the head of Tesla and Space X. During His Twitter management ran into a list of deep problems That jeopardized the company’s future: mass layoffs, lawsuits by former employees, declines in advertisers, sudden changes to platform rules, and ongoing public litigation.

Thoughtful Elon Musk is still wrapped in darkness.

One painkiller suffered especially after some journalists and other high-profile users were suspended. It is impossible to forget the blue check subscription that allowed users to impersonate well-known people and companies, creating hilarious mayhem on the platform that gave birth to a series of memes that will remain in the history of the Internet. Musk has also reinstated several previously suspended users, most of whom are far-right figures like former President Donald Trump.

A decision conveyed by Musk’s vaunted commitment to creating a virtual environment on Twitter where free speech can prevail, a principle the entrepreneur often doesn’t condone, but has been. He questioned deeply after some of his controversial decisionsHe suspended a popular account that tracked the location of his private jet and the accounts of several journalists who were often critical of his work. Musk has also suspended a few accounts linked to other social media, all while restoring some accounts of journalists that had been kicked off the blue platform, always out of respect for the poll’s outcome.

Who will be the new CEO of Twitter? Someone who does not want power

Between obstacles and mistakes of this kind, Musk’s resignation can easily be interpreted as the natural course of events, in short, if you are wrong you have to pay, but it is also true that before Musk finalized the Twitter purchase, He has expressed his intention to remain CEO for only a few monthsAnd only then hand over the reins to someone you trust.

A proud and happy Elon Musk during an event.

Given these intentions, one wonders how unpleasant it is for Musk to resign as CEO and how much this whole situation can be considered a hiccup. On the other hand, Musk has been directly criticized continuously, and it is difficult to think that he did not think about this conclusion before putting his future in the hands of users, and one thing is certain, which is Musk’s resignation and dismissal. The past weeks of other senior officials, leaving the company with a huge void.

Musk tweeted that he had not yet chosen a successor, and raised the difficulty of the task: “No one wants the job that can actually keep Twitter alive.”. At this point, one wonders how long it will take until he can find the person or person capable of raising the Blue Bird, considering Musk’s goal will likely be to find someone who deserves the job and doesn’t want the power. We refer to one of Musk’s tweets, published during the vote in the referendum, which decreed his future dismissal: “Those who want power are those who do not deserve it.”

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